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Los Fuegos is an explosive blend of Cumbia, Balkan, Reggae and Rock that arouses the inner dancer that lives in all of us; powerful, multicultural and unconventional.


Their live lineup consists of a collective of migrants born in Mexico, Colombia, Bosnia, Chile, US and Denmark that fuses their exotic musical traditions into a blazing carnival of stage-melting extravaganza. Los Fuegos steers the listener’s primal instincts towards the dance floor, they incite them to connect with their body and ignite their heart with up-beat fiery waves of sound.


Proudly founded in Denmark, they have represented their town in the Danish Music Awards as Best Live Performance and continue to do so, by carrying the flag of their beloved ghost town, Kolding, and their mother lands everywhere they go.


Their ultimate goals are to open their audience towards foreign forms of art and to achieve local and international recognition.


Stop thinking mainstream and start thinking Fuego!!!


Julian Maraboto (Mexico): voice, guitar

Mario Casas (Colombia): electric guitar

Musik i Kolding
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